“The Secret Room”

First Russian animated series that presents the young viewers with the essence of Jewish traditions in the fascinating form of magical adventures.

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Available now on streaming services and online platforms: Youtube, Okko, Ivi, Kinopoisk, Megafon, Megogo, Mail
Some answers can be found not in a book, but in a world of adventure!
“The Secret Room” is the first Russian animated series that presents the young viewers with the essence of Jewish traditions in the fascinating form of magical adventures. The audience will easily find themselves in the heroes, and with each episode the Secret Room will reveal more of its wisdom. What else is hidden in the Secret Room? Let’s find out together!

The main characters learn not only to honour their elders, but also to care for their youngest. In this way, the series helps young viewers cultivate values that are rooted in Jewish culture and those shared by people throughout the world, regardless of nationality or social status.

Lead Characters
Mikhail Neumann and his wife Ella are the parents of our main characters, the most regular Jewish children. Danya is the older one of all three, Dina is the younger one and Yasha is the youngest. But together they get into incredible adventures, which they resolve with their knowledge of Jewish culture.
7 years old
A bright and educated boy passionate about math, chess, and swimming. Always restrained and reasonable, but a little unconfident. He spends all his free time reading. At his young age he already possesses a decent library, giving preference to scientific literature rather than fictional, which is not surprising, because you have before you a future scientist and, perhaps, a Nobel laureate!
5 years old
Unlike Danya, Dina is very talkative, lively and active, sometimes even rushing and impatient. She fantasies and plays around a lot but she’s always ready to take care of her brothers and come to help. Dina has an artistic spirit, she really likes to draw pictures! In Dina’s room there is already a gallery of her works, and she awaits an invitation to a biennale of modern art.
1 year old
In everyday life little Yakov is an energetic and curious child. Although he has not yet learned to speak, he has absolutely no problem with expressing himself and always achieves his goals — be it an older sister’s toy or a cherished candy basket. But within the Secret Room, Yasha turns into a superhero — the Rabbiman! Rabbiman wears a traditional Jewish hat and a talit, and has the ability to transform into a plane!!! And so it’s only with Yasha’s mischievous and fearless nature and his sharp wit that the kids can handle all the trials of the Secret Room!

Dad — Mikhail Neumann
35 years old
He is a programmer who spends a lot of time at work, but always gets home just in time to put the kids to bed. The kids' favorite pastime is reading books with Dad before bed. On his days off Dad plays with children and makes up wonderful new games for them. It’s never boring with Dad around!
Mom — Ella Neumann
30 years old
She is a school teacher of Jewish history. Mom regularly takes Danya home from school and picks up Dina from kindergarten. The kids are sure that, although Mom is a little strict, she’s the best in the world, the sweetest and the most caring. When she goes to work or tends to some other business, the children stay with their father or with their grandparents.
Grandpa Leo
67 years old
Grandpa effortlessly finds a common ground with the children, better than all the other adults, as he has preserved in himself an unlimited childish imagination and the ability to make up stories. He likes to spend time with his grandchildren and daydream; he often has his head in the clouds. But because of this he successfully writes children’s books and may very well be aware of the existence of the Secret Room!
Grandma Rosa
65 years old
Grandma loves her grandchildren very much, so she often visits them and brings them gifts. In addition, she is always ready to share some family stories, of which she remembers a great variety. Grandma Rosa is also a bona fide culinary genius. She’s an expert at cooking and she’s always ready to teach Dina something new.

Creators of the “Secret Room” animated series

Project manager — Elina Ilyasova
General producer — Anastasiya Pavlovich
Lead director — Andrey Bakhurin
Director of animation — Olga Basova
Production designer — Alisa Donik

Original score and main theme by Denis Davydov
Executive producer — Artur Nugumanov
Line producer — Elena Dubrovskaya
Written by Igor Melnikov
Main theme lyrics by Igor Melnikov

Senior Jewish traditions adviser — Ella Verzub
Second Jewish traditions adviser — rabbi Reuven Kuravskiy
Sound engineer — Denis Davydov
Animation supervisor — Sofya Kiyashko
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Available now on streaming services and online platforms